Living the Dream

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Let’s get the big news out of the way – I have resigned from current job. In two short months I will be working in New South Wales for my own company – membraine studios.
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Using SCRUM on Small Projects


One of my most significant recent additions to my professional skill set is SCRUM.

There are plenty of online resources that can describe SCRUM; adding more noise on the cloud won’t help anyone. Instead I want to focus on what SCRUM means to me and how and why you should use it on your own projects.
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Grids and Raycasts

Work proceeds at a slow pace on our next game.

The game concept, which I’ll be able to share publicly soon, requires user-generated content. Making this content fun and easy to generate is a real challenge and has probably tripled the original scope.

A key technical challenge solved last night was the ability to draw items on a surface and then “snap” them to a grid. This struck me as interesting enough for a blog post.
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L.A. Noire – Where’s the hook?

Caveat – I’m still working through the Homicide desk. I’d estimate my completion rate at around 25% overall.

L.A. Noire – A Great Game

Team Bondi’s first release is a cinematic masterpiece, offering a directed Grand Theft Auto-like experience.  Many reviewers highlighted the detective-based gameplay and person of interest interviews as revolutionary.  The only widely reported gripe was that the L.A. Noire becomes repetitive and formulaic about half-way through.

Metacritic has L.A. Noire at 89 – a fantastic score.
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