Basic Synergies in Star Wars: Destiny – Part 1: Villains

After having a few dozen games of Destiny under my belt, I wanted to catalogue some of the more surprising, yet basic synergies I’ve played with or against. I’m not going to tell you that Sith Holocron and Mind Probe are great together – I’m looking for ways to make bad or mediocre cards a lot better.

General Viers & Outpost


I think General Viers is a very underrated card. Red isn’t great for Heroes or Villains, but a two dice General Viers is only 14 points – that is two dice with four good sides each and they can be removed to bring supports online.

Outpost is a bad card. If you can reliably activate it’s special though, it can be a phenomenal investment. Emperor’s Throne Room looks really tasty with some of the other supports you’ll be playing and Imperial Armory could really help you eke out an advantage.

Power: Medium
Value: Low (you may not play on a battleground that offers much benefit – and Outpost is otherwise terrible)
Opportunity Cost: Medium (playing Red isn’t hot right now)

General Viers & Mid-tier Supports


Black Market and Speeder Bike Scout become a lot more palatable when you can reliably hit their special. Black Market has two other great rolls as well that are decent targets for General Viers. Obviously he synergises well with the already playable First Order TIE Fighter and AT-ST.

Power: Medium
Value: High (by playing supports with dice, you’re adding more dice to the board which is only ever a good thing)
Opportunity Cost: Medium (playing Red isn’t hot right now)

Drudge Work


Okay, that’s pretty much a whole deck there in the image above – but the Synergy is actually just four non-unique characters and Drudge Work. At it’s core, you sacrifice a (low value) dice for a resource. Add in Datapad and other resource-generating cards to ring some overcosted threats online – AT-ST and Endless Ranks are nice, but the real value in having extra resources is being able to play otherwise bad events like Firepower and Aim. Perhaps best is pairing this concept with the synergy below…

Power: Low (resource disruption exists and sometimes all this deck does is make those rolls better)
Value: Medium (a resource disruption die is usually one of the weaker issues… and you get a turn to spend it anyway)
Opportunity Cost: High (this is more of a deck archetype than a synergy)

Squad Tactics & All In (WOMBO COMBO)


So Jabba the Hutt & Darth Vader are the current meta and you want to beat them handily? How about rolling and resolving all of your dice in just two actions? Go deep with Tactical Mastery and, for two resources, finish your round in a single action (or more likely: re-roll, then finish with All In).

Jabba the Hutt & Darth Vader decks are slow and like to disrupt you constantly. Decks with better action economy have a distinct advantage over that style.

Power: High
Value: High
Opportunity Cost: High (this is more of a deck archetype than a synergy… and without All In it’s one of the slowest decks possible)

Power of the Force & Sith Holocron


Sith Holocron is already a card with clear synergies (e.g. Mind Probe) but if it’s backed up by a Power of the Dark Side re-roll, suddenly four of the six sides yield a terrific result.

Power: Medium
Value: High (this gives you an 8/9 chance of resolving the Sith Holocron special or two unblockable damage each turn)
Opportunity Cost: Low (face it – every blue Villain deck is going to have Sith Holocron and there aren’t that many good cards in the set so Power of the Dark Side makes it in more often than not too)

Nightsister & Hidden in Shadows


This synergy is quite powerful – for a single resource you may negate the downside of a Nightsister action for the cost of an extra action (to exhaust Hidden in Shadows).

Power: Medium
Value: Medium
Opportunity Cost: Medium  (you have to play at least one Nightsister and they are much better in pairs)